CSE HTML Validator Professional

CSE HTML Validator Professional 17.0301

CSE HTML Validator Professional is a powerful HTML, XHTML, CSS, link checker

CSE HTML Validator Pro: This application is very useful for checking out and for validating all the web page scripts (or a selected part of it). The application scans the web page HTML code checking invalid tags, invalid tags attributes or values, misspelled sentences and invalid characters. It also looks for quotation marks that might be missing or mismatched, missing tags, all over the HTML code.
The program checks, as well, CSS scripts syntax, both in the HTML pages and in the ASP or PHP dynamic pages. Also, the application checks and detects incorrect nesting loops or sentences, alerts the user when for an specific browser when used HTML version is incompatible.
It detects broken links, checks the correct spelling of words, and includes a built-in editor. This editor 'colors' the different categories of text for easier recognition by the web master.
User opens an HTML, CSS or XHTML page (or document) with the application and tells it to check the complete file. Syntax errors and all the problems (if any) will be detected and alerts are shown with warning messages on the lower part of the editor window. Then, user tells the application to correct them, to double check the whole document again (to ensure the problems are fixed) and save it back in good conditions. Now documents can be released with total guarantee.
The application also includes a useful tool for saving web masters a lot of time. The 'template tool' can store a fixed header or footer that can be used for modifying many web pages (documents) at a time.
CSE HTML Professional version includes a powerful batch validation and correction for all the documents in a web site, as well as a useful batch wizard for guiding users through this process.

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